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HUA SHAN DIN by Cosmos Creation

DU-A-HO Ceramic Exhibition

DU-A-HO Ceramic Exhibition1
Date of exhibition: 2024 17 Apr.~2024 15 Jul.


About the Exhibition

Exploring a comfortable companionship between objects and humans.

There exists a mutual companionship between vessels and individuals.
Through the high-temperature firing of clay and glaze, each piece is endowed a unique identity, akin to you and me. In our independent existence, we discover our own fitting forms, perfectly tailored to ourselves.

When one feels the impulse to use it, they can instinctively pick it up; fostering mutual understanding between the user and the object, finding the ideal relationship in everyday life.

Creative Concept



The artwork showcases mastery in employing reduction firing, a technique conducted in an oxygen-free environment to expel oxygen from both the clay body and glaze. This method yields a lustrous surface with nuanced layers and opulent glaze effects created by the metal compounds.

Consequently, artworks produced in the same kiln may exhibit distinctive outcomes based on their placement within the kiln, akin to serendipitous encounters in life—organic and perfectly fitting. This ethos exemplifies the brand’s philosophy, DU-A-HO, derived from the Taiwanese Hokkien pronunciation of “just right.”

藝術家 彭書徹

About the Artist – Shu-Che Peng

Shu-Che Peng holds a BFA degree from the Crafts and Design Department of the National Taiwan University of Arts and specializes in ceramic arts. He made his debut at the 2017 Taiwan Ceramics Awards in New Taipei and later garnered recognition at the 2019 Yingge Ceramics New Products Awards, receiving both the Everyday Use New Product Award and the Market Potential Award. With extensive exhibition experience, Peng also shares his expertise as a lecturer, advocating for the aesthetic appeal of ceramics through his brand, DUAHO. “Functional Vessels” serve as the cornerstone of Peng’s ceramic creations. With meticulous craftsmanship and expressive sculptural techniques, he endeavors to unify the symbiotic relationship between vessels and human existence, accentuating their interplay and resonance. His creations poignantly encapsulate the essence of life’s unfolding narrative.