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Bravery Bear chasing his dreams

Bravery Bear chasing his dreams
Date of exhibition: 2024 17 Jul.~2024 14 Oct.


About the Exhibition

I am that bear.
As a child, I had many dreams.
I wanted to be an astronaut exploring the cosmos in a spaceship.
I wanted to be a hero of justice, piloting a robot to fight evil.
I wanted to be a happy driver, traveling around in a car.
As I grew up, I found myself torn between reality and dreams, and some dreams began to fade away…
Join Bravery Bear on a journey into a fantastical world and rediscover the profound joy of your dreams through art.



Creative Concept

“Bravery Bear” is an original IP character created by Jerry Wei, with distinctive features such as its big nose, small eyes, and round, chubby body. Often accompanied by a red balloon, Bravery Bear appears in various artworks such as “Iron Robot” and the exclusive creation for Hua Shan Din by Cosmos Creation, “Just Keep Going.”

Jerry Wei’s entire artistic portfolio revolves around Bravery Bear, inspired by his affection for bears. The red balloon symbolizes joyful childhood festivities. Drawing on everyday humorous moments, Wei imbues his paintings with positive vibes, aiming to connect with viewers, bring smiles, and evoke the fearless dreams of childhood.


About the Artist – Jerry

Jerry Wei is the creator of Bravery Bear and the founder of the brand Acrylic Platypus. He specializes in acrylic and mixed media, incorporating his original IP, “Bravery Bear,” into his works. Active in the cultural and creative scene for many years, Wei is a prolific artist who has participated in various cultural markets, exhibitions, and online platforms. He has sold over 900 pieces through online art auctions, cementing his reputation as a commercially successful and distinctly original artist.

DU-A-HO Ceramic Exhibition

DU-A-HO Ceramic Exhibition1
Date of exhibition: 2024 17 Apr.~2024 15 Jul.


About the Exhibition

Exploring a comfortable companionship between objects and humans.

There exists a mutual companionship between vessels and individuals.
Through the high-temperature firing of clay and glaze, each piece is endowed a unique identity, akin to you and me. In our independent existence, we discover our own fitting forms, perfectly tailored to ourselves.

When one feels the impulse to use it, they can instinctively pick it up; fostering mutual understanding between the user and the object, finding the ideal relationship in everyday life.

Creative Concept



The artwork showcases mastery in employing reduction firing, a technique conducted in an oxygen-free environment to expel oxygen from both the clay body and glaze. This method yields a lustrous surface with nuanced layers and opulent glaze effects created by the metal compounds.

Consequently, artworks produced in the same kiln may exhibit distinctive outcomes based on their placement within the kiln, akin to serendipitous encounters in life—organic and perfectly fitting. This ethos exemplifies the brand’s philosophy, DU-A-HO, derived from the Taiwanese Hokkien pronunciation of “just right.”

藝術家 彭書徹

About the Artist – Shu-Che Peng

Shu-Che Peng holds a BFA degree from the Crafts and Design Department of the National Taiwan University of Arts and specializes in ceramic arts. He made his debut at the 2017 Taiwan Ceramics Awards in New Taipei and later garnered recognition at the 2019 Yingge Ceramics New Products Awards, receiving both the Everyday Use New Product Award and the Market Potential Award. With extensive exhibition experience, Peng also shares his expertise as a lecturer, advocating for the aesthetic appeal of ceramics through his brand, DUAHO. “Functional Vessels” serve as the cornerstone of Peng’s ceramic creations. With meticulous craftsmanship and expressive sculptural techniques, he endeavors to unify the symbiotic relationship between vessels and human existence, accentuating their interplay and resonance. His creations poignantly encapsulate the essence of life’s unfolding narrative.

Don Quixote’s Journey through Illusions

Lin Shih-Hsiung
Don Quixote’s Journey through Illusions
Date of exhibition: 2024 24 Jan.~2024 15 Apr.

幻境 局部 (主視覺)

The novel of Don Quixote unfolds like a fantastical dream, traversing the labyrinth of time and space, guiding readers to explore uncharted territories. His adventurous journey is a spiritual odyssey, depicting the intertwining of courage and imagination with the stroke of a pen. This is not merely a narrative of a story but also a profound reflection on humanity, culture, and society.

In this exhibition, Don Quixote finds artistic resonance within Hualien’s Taroko Gorge. It captures the enchanting moment when literature meets nature and art harmonizes with the earth—a magical interplay. The message is, “Taiwan, full of fantasy and poetry, is a treasure trove waiting to be discovered and explored.”

Creative Concept

幻境 局部 (1)幻境 局部 (2)

鏡子 椅子

In the “Don Quixote’s Faithful Tango” series, we blend a deep literary passion with the perspective of Spanish culture, embarking on a fantastical journey that transcends both novel and art.

It is a crossover between literature and art, expressing emotions towards the island environment. Each stroke of oil paint allows us to rediscover the beauty and uniqueness of this land, savoring the dynamic spirit of Don Quixote’s adventurous soul leaping onto the canvas. Each painting is the artist’s sincere presentation of the spirit of the knight.


About the Artist – Lin Shih-Hsiung

It seems that Mr. Lin Shih-Hsiung’s infection, appreciation, and creation of art are innate, constantly surging and spontaneously emerging without the need for deliberate cultivation. It naturally sparks from everyday life, a consistent and boundless source of inspiration. Through his creations, he manifests his artistic philosophy: “Art is a transformation of life through contact and perception in life.”


● 2023-M.A.D.S. Art Gallery, “DE-CRYPTICart” Group Exhibition
Medina Gallery, “Aurora” Group Exhibition
Art Fairs and Venues of World of Crete, Magazine
Art Fairs and Venues of World of Crete, “Night of Contemporary” Group

● 2022-Santana Gallery, “Alba” Group Exhibition

Wei Fu《Zoning Out》

Wei Fu
Zoning Out
Date of exhibition: 2023 25 Oct.~2024 22 Jan.

唐庚 次韻強幼安冬日旅舍

Everyone needs to let off steam and rejuvenate!

Pick up a pen and, through poetry, transport yourself to the world of the past, let your mind wander!
Follow the wind, clouds and rain, sail on a leaf-like boat or listen to the conversations of the cows, be spontaneous!
Leave a blank space on a painting, relish your solitude, forget the chaos and cast away worries!

Words overlap with the imagination
In the calligraphy works, zone out your thoughts for a moment and forget things with me!

Creative Concept

杜甫 春夜喜雨

Observing the calligraphy works, one can’t help but notice the bold and vigorous brushwork, often embodying elements of “xing (行), cao (草), kai (楷)” (walking script, running script, regular script), manifested through either an elegant and solemn demeanor or a robust and unrestrained flair. The characters and strokes carry a distinctive charm, woven seamlessly between the lines. Within each work there is a subtle meaning to convey; ink-splashed mountains and waters overlap in layers, allowing viewers to wander through magnificent landscapes while enveloped in profound silence. The enduring solitude of scholars over centuries remains unspoken but profoundly conveyed, as the tip of the brush articulates the vibrant emotions of literary figures and calligraphers with exquisite eloquence.


Introduction/ Wei Fu

Architect Wei Fu’s passion lies in penmanship, where he finds himself in a state of entrancement when holding a pen. With the nib of his pen, he traverses the exuberance and artistic freedom found in the works of classical and contemporary literary masters, from the Tang and Song dynasties to the present day. Through the art of imitation, he showcases the beauty of Chinese hard-tipped calligraphy, highlighting his unique qualities and the elegance of his script. Like the flowing clouds and water, this art form complements his extraordinary spirit.

Email: weifu3608@gmail.com

Wei Yun Chang《Dreams Exchange》

Wei Yun Chang
Dreams Exchange
Date of exhibition: 2021 27 Aug.~2021 28 Nov.

2021-華山町-張為雲 夢境交換所活動邀請卡-W16xH11cm-01

What’s your dream today?
We provide every kind of dream.
What kind of dream do you want today? We sell kind of dreams. This is your perfect dream shop. We can provide you sweet dreams, Horror dreams, Adventure dreams, Or maybe you would love to have some more detective type. Come to us and choose the dream you want today. Catch a dream for yourself. Catch a dream for a dream.

Portrait_of_Weiyun Chang

Introduction/ Wei-yun Chang

Wei-Yun is a Taiwanese artist and curator. Wei-Yun completed her master degree of fine art from UCA in UK. She usually uses non-traditional materials to create her work and aims to extend the various possibilities and contexts for visual storytelling. Her work has been exhibited in independent art fairs and galleries in Asia and Europe since 2014.

Official Website: https://www.weiyunchang.com/

Cheng Po Chun 《Turn back the time for you》

Cheng Po Chun
Turn back the time for you
Date of exhibition: 2021 27 Apr.~2021 25 Jul.

My beloved her is no longer in the azure blue – Marine pollution has faded her brilliance and color away. Only if time can go back for you, what would be the first thing for you to do within your own point of view for our natural environment? Our Mother Nature.


Po-Chun Cheng creates his works and studies the ecosystem in ocean-wide and the transformation of our mother nature by using the marine debris. “Turn back the time for you” accounts the deep-sea pollutions that we try to avoid, hoping to remind the society’s awareness of the environmental issues within his art pieces. “Super Power” created by Hua Shan Din by Cosmos Creation, is based on the image of the hotel’s mascot, Baobby, by using marine debris and created with the surrealistic technique will also be displayed exclusively for this exhibition.


Philosophy of Art Creation

The increment in wastes of resources leading by the growth of technologies, and with the continuous impact and climate changes from global warming, the beauty of ocean from Cheng’s childhood memories has also been fading away. With his love for this land, Cheng has utilized these easily retrievable wastes, e.g., newspaper, cement, plastic bottles, and other existing materials by the seashore, and has given them new lives by upcycling through paper sculptures. The marine ecosystem and transformation of Mother Nature have now become the core concepts of this collection of his art works. “Super Power” created by Hua Shan Din by Cosmos Creation, is based on the image of the hotel’s mascot, Baobby, by using marine debris and created with the surrealistic technique will also be displayed exclusively for this exhibition.


Introduction/ Po-Chun Cheng

Nurtured and trained from the major of Fine Arts, helped to build Cheng’s substantial creation capability. Cheng has been living close to sea throughout his childhood, with his beautiful and melancholy hometown- Shuinandong, made him profoundly realized the intimate relationship between the natural environment and the threats by human impacts. The artist setup an example himself and utilized to use “marine debris” as his creation materials for his art pieces. Through Cheng’s unique vision and passion towards the ocean, he has created several vivid and interesting paper sculptures one after another, hoping to awaken the spectators’ consciousness and awareness toward the environmental pollution through his art works. Cheng has participated in numerous exhibitions – His works have been exposed and displayed in not only Taiwan, but also Japan, South Korea, China, and several other countries.


The Corner of Happiness

The Corner of Happiness 
Date of exhibition: 2021 26 Jun.~2021 04 Apr.

Specialized in sketching and illustration, in love with Taiwan’s old architecture and humanistic and cultural ambiance, Lin continuously documents his travels through drawings and photography. Aspired to individually document and preserve historical sites and architecture, theaters, train stations, old streets, other Japanese style architectures, and the abundant humanistic and cultural ambiance and sceneries all over Taiwan.

五層樓仔(左圖)_頁面_2 五層樓仔(左圖)_頁面_1

Philosophy of Art Creation

Historic buildings are not necessarily destined only to be abolished or brought down – we can also attempt to treat them from another perspective.
Even in the ruins of no apparent values, one can still find the beauty of their once glorious architecture and humanistic and cultural characteristics.
As long as we devote wholeheartedly to preserving and revitalizing them, historic buildings would also be showered with amazing transformation.
Through passion towards old architecture and stories passed down from his grandmother, Lin set off on his creation of picture books.
Five-Story House: Story of “Hayashi” department store in Tainan. Happiness Corner: Story of a railway village.
Hoping that through picture books and handmade house models, nostalgic architecture would be restored, so that regardless of age, viewers would be attracted to gain interest in historical buildings, further be familiarized with Taiwan’s humanistic and cultural history, and be reminded of the wonderful memories kept deep in their hearts.


Aerial View of Hua Shan Din by Cosmos Creation

“Hua Shan Din by Cosmos Creation” is located in the beautiful corner of Hua Shan, possessing distinctive humanistic, cultural, and historical background, which is also filled with hipster designs. Inspired by his interest in exploring historic architecture, Lin decided to display Hua Shan Din by Cosmos Creation in the 1950’s through hand-drawn mapping. Through the creation of hand-drawing aerial view, a unique track of space-time was born! Era and landscape may change, but through dedication and innovation, travelers would enjoy a more wonderfully transformed journey!

Artist Lin Chi-Sheng


The Exhibition of Eh~ Eden Of Art


The Exhibition of Eh~ Eden Of Art
Date of exhibition: 2020 24 Oct.~2021 01 Jun.

《 Create the Garden of Love, build the Eden of Art.
what would be left when we remove (Love and Art) ? 》

釋放 Emancipate

Creation – Origin
Creation is like the instinct of blood circulation, precipitation on different faces on the canvas. If I am a fish in the water, then it is the permission to breathe freely in the water. Spreading out my canvas of life, I enjoy liberating the strength of each time to paint the temperature given out by the passion within the heart. Remember this moment of wonderfulness that touches the heart through the extraction and guidance of the painting process. The mingling of the hands and the heart becomes the secret to revitalization, as if the key to opening the Anywhere Door, transforming all the unbearable depicted by the world into a conveyance of warm energy.

Fumbling for the ray of love along the way in search of the direction for Eden. Always trying to explore and unveil the mysterious veil of the treasury, depicting the universe with paintbrushes, painting out the treasure hidden within the heart. Just like how Hua Shan Din – Cosmos Creation creates wonderful travel accommodation memories every day and night with passion and service.

Growing up alone in a foreign land, a sensitive and curious heart has been cultivated under the constantly moving sceneries and cities. The impression is marked with each paint stroke, while the nutrients of life are used as the foundation for the lines to compose the life story of each workpiece. The horizontal and vertical curves of the brush tip imply the figures of each life transition. Paint using an individual approach to document the bits of the meanings of what I can accomplish for the encounters of this beautiful world.

《 Follow Your Heart And Glow With The Flow.》

Collage Art Exhibition Of Lian-An



Collage Art Exhibition Of Lian-An
Date of exhibition: 2020 18 Jul.~2020 22 Oct.

Collage Art Exhibition Of Lian-An
With easily obtained objects, I created a collage of all the memories I still have of the landscape and scenery around my home. With references to them, I began to write a story about my home. Home is the place we are familiar with and love most. It doesn’t matter if an actual “home” exists or not, since it simply indicates the city and land where we grow up. Even though we travel to remote places, with stabling power, we will eventually return to the point of departure.

People always miss their homes after wandering around for some time.
The happiest moment in life is to step onto the way back home again.
Even though the trip is hard, it is worthwhile just to return home.

In this collage, the surrounding sceneries of Hua Shan Din by Cosmos Creation are represented, telling stories about travelers’ homes. Memories of people in the 2020s are locked safely in the scene with Baobby and a safe in from the 1950s in it.

About Artist
Lian is a freelancer illustrator born and raised in Taiwan. She draws something experienced, and something about her imagination. She loves reasoning novel, children’s art, old things and walks in the countryside. These are all inspirations for her work. She was selected in the 2015 and 2018 Bologna Children’s book Fair.

Yu-Ying Huang Ceramic Exhibition

華山町薰衣草個展_200316_0037 華山町薰衣草個展_200316_0005


Yu-Ying Huang Ceramic Exhibition
Date of exhibition: 2020 11 Apr.~2020 16 Jul.

In 2020, Yu-Ying Huang, a ceramic artist, fired a craft using the “Lavender” colored glaze of her innovation to highlight the spring mood, infusing spring charms to the space of Hua Shan Din by Cosmos Creation. Inspired by lavender fields in Provence, France, Yu-Ying Huang’s creation has endless flower fields, distant views, and an azure sky as the backdrop, resembling a romantic atmosphere in southern France.


About Artist
A proud disciple of Taiwan’s ceramic pioneer and legend, professor Jang-nung Wu, Yu-Ying Huang has grown over the years to become one of the most acclaimed ceramic artists in Taiwan. Her distinct creations include smoke-fire, crystalline, and Leaf Tenmoku, most of which are inspired by the Nature or feature elements from the Nature. Over the 20+ years in the career, Yu-ying has received numerous recognitions from around the world, including the Taipei Ceramic Award, the Japan International Ceramics Exhibition, the Gold Ceramic Pot award, the Yingge Ceramics Award and many more. She has also held hundreds of highly acclaimed solo and joint exhibitions throughout her career. Yu-ying has been a lecturer at the Taipei Technology University and at the National Taiwan College of Arts, and received the 2016 Teacher’s Award from the Ministry of Education. She has been invited to participate in international seminars in Japan, the U.S., Estonia, Lithuania and China, and has been a member of the IAC since 2017.

The Exhibition Of Photo Book


The Exhibition Of Photo Book
Date of exhibition: 2020 07 Jan.~2020 09 Apr.

The Exhibition Of Photo Book
The creative process of the imaginary series about the Future was an anxious one. With that behind me, I want to revisit the warmer “Childhood photos” theme from 2015. From the faded photos and memories of my childhood, I attempt to create a time travel to the past through clay and ceramics.

For this series, instead of childhood playthings, I created pottery pieces against familiar childhood backdrops such as classrooms and playgrounds. The character of a young girl is the thread to connect the pieces to create a linear story. In addition to my own photo books, I also poured through those of my friends’ in search of inspiration and the blissful memories of the past, and just like Cosmos Creation – Huashanding’s effort to preserve historic structures and to incorporate the past into its present design elements, I aim to weave our past into our present.


About Artist
Illustrator Tang Tang, real name Shou-Nan Tang, began publishing picture books in 2003. Many of his works, such as the “Short-eared Rabbit” hit series, have been published in many countries/regions. He has also been chosen several times to represent Taiwan in the Bologna Children’s Book Fair in Italy. In recent years, Tang Tang began to create contemporary art pieces and hold regular solo exhibitions, which have been widely collected by individuals and art museums.



The Shih Cheng Wen Art Show

華山町(白) - 10F - 壓克力非常用心(寶比氣球) - 10F - 油彩

The Shih Cheng Wen Art Show
Date of exhibition: 2019 05 Oct.~2020 05 Jan.
Opening Reception: 15:00-17:00,20 Oct. 2019

The Shih Cheng Wen Art Show
Artist Shih Cheng Wen was born in the historic district of Dadaocheng, and was raised among the colors and designs of his family-owned textile store. This unique childhood experience helped to inspire his deep appreciation for beauty, allowing him to develop a unique understanding for colors. Attracted by the simple design of the hotel logo during his visits to the Cosmos Creation: Hua Shan Din, he began to create a series of artworks in the bold colors and abstract style of Piet Mondrian. Shih also brought the hotel mascot Baobby to life with vibrant colors and strokes while retaining its adorable cuteness. Also on display at the Shih Cheng Wen Art Show will be pieces that showcase the artist’s love for his hometown Dadaocheng, gloriously illustrated in a lively abundance of colors and carefree lines.


Dadaocheng native color artist Shih Cheng Wen
Born in the colorful and historic district of Dadaocheng, Shih has been immersed in a world of color since birth. His father’s textile shop opened his eyes to them, while the different hues and shades shown through the blue smoke of the burning incense from nearby temples provided a key to self expression, where his shy and reserved nature found a way to communicate with the world around him.

During his work as a men’s wear fabric designer at his father’s textile shop, Shih was found to have a unique knack for being able to mix any color that he laid eyes on. He has teasingly said that he felt obsessed by colors. He mixed his thoughts and passion into the process, and created a memorable chapter in the history of Taiwan’s textile industry. Having spent his entire life in Dadaocheng, Shih is especially adept at creating artwork of architecture. From the past to the present, each piece showcases his deep love for his hometown. Through a constant dialog with color, beauty is his daily companion.



Sing Lee’s Life ∞ Art Exhibition

Sing Lee’s Life ∞ Art Exhibition

Date of exhibition: 2019 03 Jul.~2019 03 Oct.

20190429李信慧 寶寶華山町歷險記


Watching my nephews grow from helpless babies to bouncing, lively children, and my kin folks going through countless sleep-deprived nights as clueless new parents to become parenting experts, being around my 5 nephews has given me a different perspective on life.
Thanks to these little boys, I had the rare opportunity of a different life experience, which inspired me to create the series of art that is magical yet real, practical yet full of childish fun.


About Artist

Born and raised in Da-xi, Taoyuan, Lee once worked as a graphic designer for a film company, as well as for the e-commerce platform of various prestigious cosmetics brands in Taiwan. She later worked as a freelance graphic designer with focus on illustration and visual design.
Several years ago, Lee became passionate about bread and chocolate-making and began to immerse herself in the art of baking. This brings her closer to working with local communities that in turn inspired her to begin illustration work. As her illustration gained recognition, Lee received invitation to participate in special illustration projects in China. She also helped to establish the map design workshop during a chance visit to Taiwan’s east coast.


Ku Chao-Jen’s Urban Watercolor Sketching Exhibition

活動邀請卡主圖 C2_靜巷內寶藏樓梯_1280_OK


Ku Chao-Jen’s Urban Watercolor Sketching Exhibition
Date of exhibition: 2019 28 Mar.~2019 30 Jun.
Opening Reception: 14:00-16:00,14 Apr. 2019

The warmth of a stroke
Strolling through the historical Hua-shan structures of what used to be a distillery at the heart of a busy city, one cannot help but focus in on the unique structure of Hua Shan Din By Cosmos Creation. From its simple exterior to the creative design of classic elegance within, urban sketching artist Chao-Jen Ku explored the grounds of Hua Shan Din By Cosmos Creation With his acute awareness for intricate details and his famous carefree strokes, Mr. Ku created a colorful collection that showcases the cultural, geographical and historical uniqueness of the Hua Shan area.

IMG_6778_MDF 顧兆仁院長

From the artist:
Urban sketching tells a visual story of the moment within each image. I often carry with me simple sketching tools like a couple of fountain pens, or I would simply pick up sticks from the ground, and sketch down what I see while I’m on the road, capturing the cultural and social scenes and phenomena in cities of villages. The satisfaction of capturing images in the moment is what every artist searches for.

Sketching has become a popular form of drawing in recent years. Its essence is to quickly capture what you see in front of your eyes, and heavily relies on the theory of perspective drawing to create correct form and structure. Perspective drawing provides a foundation for the accuracy of dimension, and is the basis for a sensible and intelligent image structure. Style-wise, I have preferred to use dried branches or sticks dipped in ink to create quick, carefree and lively lines in my drawings, while expressing my thoughts and ideas on the local culture or history, instilling a sense of rich humanity into my creations.

2018 Ku Chao-Jen’s Urban Watercolor Sketching, Taipei
2018 Passion and Perspective—Ku Chao-Jen’s Urban Watercolor Sketching, Taipei
2017 Ku Chao-Jen’s Urban Watercolor Sketching, Taipei
2016 Ku Chao-Jen’s Urban Watercolor Sketching, New Taipei City
2015 Shimmers at Dusk—Ku Chao-Jen’s Photo and Urban Sketching, Yunlin
2012 Ku Chao-Jen’s Motion photography design exhibition, Three Screens interactive Projection, Hsin-Chu City
2010 Siraya —Toushe Village Taizu Night Sacrifice, Aboriginal documentary, Chinese Design Council, Taipei
2008 Stream flows—Interactive AV Multi-Media Exhibition


Yu-Ying Huang Ceramic Exhibition

黃玉英 天成文旅-華山町特展_陶器寶比-2

Yu-Ying Huang Ceramic Exhibition

Date of exhibition: 2018 22 Dec.~2019 24 Mar.

The exhibition Gallery at Hua Shan Din by Cosmo Creation presents contemporary ceramic arts by Yu-Ying Huang, an acclaimed ceramic artist whose distinct works received global recognition. The exhibition features her signature piece “Rotation”, which bodies ancient black pottery techniques under the modern looks. The black pattern of rotating squares is smoked fired onto the white body to create a dynamic and rotating visual effect. The “Ocean World” collection depicts the colorful sea world through clay and glazes. You will see her impressions of various ocean elements, such as coral reefs, shellfish, sea urchins, and a school of fish swimming in the glittering water under the reflection of sunlight. Another highlight of the exhibition is a ceramic version of our hotel’s mascot “Baobby”, made specifically for this event and as gift to the hotel. It incorporates elements of the ocean and many unique symbols of hotel’s rich history, including ancient coins and the famous bank vault.

海洋世界系列作品5 燻燒瓶

Artist bio
Ceramic artist Yu-ying Huang studied under professor Jang-nung Wu, and specializes in smoke firing and wood leaf pottery. She incorporates her travel experiences and her passion for nature into her artwork to create the Ocean World series and the Lavender series. Ms. Huang has received numerous recognitions in international competitions, including the Taipei Ceramic Award, the Japan International Ceramics Exhibition, the Gold Ceramic Pot award, the Yingge Ceramics Award and more. She has also held hundreds of highly acclaimed solo and joint exhibitions throughout her career. Ms. Huang has been a lecturer at the Taipei Technology University and at the National Taiwan College of Arts, and received the 2016 Teacher’s Award from the Ministry of Education. She has been invited to participate in international seminars in Japan, the U.S., Estonia, Lithuania and China, and has been a member of the IAC since 2017.

黃玉英 天成文旅-華山町特展_黃玉英個人照


TAIWAN CHARACTER by Photographer Satoru Kondo

Date of exhibition: 2018 20 Sep.~20 Dec.

Have you seen the mascot of this hotel “Baobby”?
Can you tell what Baobby looks like?
Baobby has some good friends “Jubee” and “Dobby”. Do you know what they are?
More and more Taiwanese brands have created their own mascot, and each mascost presents a unique story.
Japanese photographer Satoru Kondo spent almost three years looking for interesting and meaningful Taiwanese mascots and taking photographs for them. Let’s follow Satoru Kondo’s aesthetic photography and discover stories behind these mascots.

Satoru Kondo was born in Tokyo and moved to the United Kingdom to study at London Collage of Communication (formerly known as London College of Printing) in London. He now lives in Taipei, Taiwan and works as a freelance photographer, specialising in subjects like life and death and the vitality of life. He is highly acclaimed in his solo exhibitions and has won many awards from various photography competitions at home and abroad.

Official Website: www.satorukondo.com

Capturing the Aura of Spaces by Photographer Wei-ming Yuan

All of these photographs were shot en route, on a journey. For me, travel photography seeks out soulful resonance in an unfamiliar place. And so, the images captured are a result of a specific anticipation, and simultaneously, present a perpetual surprise. The presence of this sense of surprise indirectly attests to the unique experience of being physically present in the actual environment.

A scene first triggers visual interest, followed by observations that reveal a hidden life phenomenon within the scene. The elements that make up the scene begin to dialogue, until a relationship and context begins to emerge. Photography is the use of images to document the varied and manifold dramas that occur within a scene.

Capturing the aura of spaces
Date of exhibition: 1 July~3 Sep. 2018
Opening Reception: 14:00-16:00,14 Jul. 2018
Seminar: 14:00-16:00, 1 Sep. 2018

About Artist Wei-ming Yuan

2018 Kyotographie international photography festival, “The dialogue of silence” solo exhibition
2018 Photofairs San Fransisco art fair
2017 Paris FOTO FEVER photography art fair
2017 “Ordinary Scene and Quodis Arcana”, solo exhibition, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi international photography contest
2016 Shin Kong Mitsukoshi international photography contest, First prize
2014 Retired from his post as associate professor
1982 ‘Taiwan Architect”magazine photography contest, Golden Award
1974 Studied Architecture for Master degree in Washington University, he also pursue independent study in photography at the School of Fine Arts.
1970 Graduated from the Department of Architecture in Tunghai University
1948 Born in Guangzhou, China
Hua Shan Din by Cosmos Creation is located right next to the Hua Shan 1914 Creative Park. As an extension of the park’s art space, the hotel has dedicated a special gallery on the hotel ground floor to regularly schedule a variety of art exhibitions and displays, aiming to enrich the journey of our travelers with arts and culture right here in the hotel.