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HUA SHAN DIN by Cosmos Creation

The Exhibition of Eh~ Eden Of Art


The Exhibition of Eh~ Eden Of Art
Date of exhibition: 2020 24 Oct.~2021 01 Jun.

《 Create the Garden of Love, build the Eden of Art.
what would be left when we remove (Love and Art) ? 》

釋放 Emancipate

Creation – Origin
Creation is like the instinct of blood circulation, precipitation on different faces on the canvas. If I am a fish in the water, then it is the permission to breathe freely in the water. Spreading out my canvas of life, I enjoy liberating the strength of each time to paint the temperature given out by the passion within the heart. Remember this moment of wonderfulness that touches the heart through the extraction and guidance of the painting process. The mingling of the hands and the heart becomes the secret to revitalization, as if the key to opening the Anywhere Door, transforming all the unbearable depicted by the world into a conveyance of warm energy.

Fumbling for the ray of love along the way in search of the direction for Eden. Always trying to explore and unveil the mysterious veil of the treasury, depicting the universe with paintbrushes, painting out the treasure hidden within the heart. Just like how Hua Shan Din – Cosmos Creation creates wonderful travel accommodation memories every day and night with passion and service.

Growing up alone in a foreign land, a sensitive and curious heart has been cultivated under the constantly moving sceneries and cities. The impression is marked with each paint stroke, while the nutrients of life are used as the foundation for the lines to compose the life story of each workpiece. The horizontal and vertical curves of the brush tip imply the figures of each life transition. Paint using an individual approach to document the bits of the meanings of what I can accomplish for the encounters of this beautiful world.

《 Follow Your Heart And Glow With The Flow.》